The story begins with a few women twerking in Texas.

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At the end of the day, if the moral is the story is that if Rihanna was twerking in your restaurant to your DJ playing a song asking her to throw that ass in a circle, that you would laugh and smile, but when a regular woman does it, the standards change…then you need to re-evaluate your standards and take up a class on how to treat people equally.

As a young child, I loved animation. I credit animation with being the source of the dreamiest worlds, where I learned that the things you see on TV or what you may read about in a book might not be real. Art was what’s its meant to be then: an escape. The idea that a world can be perfect, consistently. An impossible truth.

The truth, while it mattered, was elastic. Same with bodies.

I’m not bothered by the truth. There is no loving animation without Disney. There is no loving Disney without acknowledging its racist and sexist core. …

Please, don’t get me wrong with the article title.

I love Mulatto, the rapper, and her music. Not kidding. I’ve spoken at length on my own personal social media page and at The Sunflower Girl Magazine about my deep appreciation for women and girls born and raised in the south.

In fact, please stream her latest project! But keep reading though.

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da queen of da souf.

Being born into Caribbean music and hip hop in a 90s New Jersey immigrant household with a studio in the basement, and now living in Virginia on my own for half of a decade now, I see how deep and insidious colorism is. It’s deeply personal for me. It’s generational. …

This Wrath Month, writer & activist Alexander Leon recently posted a viral infographic on Instagram regarding a guide to sexual racism for white people in response to the queer community’s rampant racism on dating apps.

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source: Twitter

And as history would have it, white people, queer ones mostly, began to respond. Their responses ranged from co-opting the slogan “My body, my choice” and “If I prefer not to date Asians, I have my fucking reasons.” Whoa. Backtrack. I think it would be time to have a guide to sexual racism for racists, which is a term more aware of how we all perpetuate white supremacy. …

Doja Cat is now the second most followed female rapper on Spotify and hip hop has found itself a new princess. Since 2014, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and along the way, Cardi B fans & stans have been going back and forth for days on the internet. At the time, I bet none of them could have imagined the world where female rap planted a seed that would be able grow outside of itself. In fact, this month, Doja Cat is not only the second most followed female rapper on Spotify, but surpassed 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

The only 3 female rappers to achieve that are her, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj. …

The earthquake of 10 years ago was a disaster that played a profound, life-altering role for a lot of Haitians. There’s no other way to go about it. However, it’s far from our only disaster and disasters are far from the only thing Haitian culture cares about, when living in a place where human rights violations occur at least once every second.

Haiti has always been subject to gross simplification by outsiders looking for easy answers but there aren’t any. Haiti is the only nation on Earth born out of a successful slave revolt. …

Coming on February means Valentine’s Day…that good old capitalist holiday of love. It seems the fear of intimacy is still on our minds at TSGC. For context, I am a 22 year old queer black woman, Gen Z-millenial cusp, who has never been in a relationship before. I’m not rare or anything special, there’s probably dozens of girls like me around you right now. Coincidentally, like any millenial-Gen Z, I’m pretty spiritual and I just got my palm read. …

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source: Washingtonian.

According to Brittanica, the practice of marrying someone from within one’s own tribe or group, is the oldest social regulation of marriage. When the forms of communication with outside groups are limited, endogamous marriage (defined by Brittanica above) is a natural consequence. But along with technology and communication, a lot of adult Americans have changed. Paid domestic work, voluntary work, work done for friends or family, child-rearing — used to be devalued and treated as marginal or “unproductive” but because of improved social connectivity and cultural shifts, that’s not the case anymore. …

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source: goldenpoc

Human awareness has many levels. For many of us, much of our time awake is spent in a type of awareness called autopilot. Autopilot has been linked to daydreaming and is also called the brain’s “default mode.”

Autopilot is the opposite of being in a state of observation.

Going on autopilot can also be a strategy for avoiding emotion, one young black women have begun to know all too well.

Because painful emotions are unaccompanied by unpleasant bodily sensations, thoughts and urges, it makes sense why we avoid them constantly. Duh. I refuse to suffer, period. But emotions just don’t go away, by avoiding them, we simply go numb. Autopilot also occur when we are with familiar people doing familiar things but our minds are not engaged with what we are doing, during things like grooming, cleaning house, preparing or eating food, or driving to a familiar place. If you’re a black woman who has noticed that you have been on autopilot recently, it can be possible that instances of marginalization and discrimination (at any intersect including health, housing, class, education, sexuality, etc) have led you to routinely invalidating environments. Perhaps you have been avoiding your emotions about what has been happening with you. …

Emotions and childhood are temporary, but identity is forever.

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That’s one thing I’ve learned as a tutor for the past couple of years. I have been a tutor since age 16, my first job being a math grader for Kumon in my junior year of high school. I walked to work 3 days of the week and was paid $60 for my efforts. I was upgraded to English Tutor after a few months and the rest was history. Since then, I’ve been a teaching artist and a tutor, teaching children English (public speaking and poetry) and (light) math.

I am one of the youngest teachers and it shows in the way I treat children. There is a generational gap beyond measure. I don’t let myself yell, and if I do, I end up apologizing. I let my young people cry. I let my young people play. I let my young people talk (within reason). I do stretches with my young people. I let my young people take breaks and feel tired, without judgement or shame. I am honest with them when I make mistakes. I let them re-do mistakes on tests. I ask for high-fives and hugs before giving them. I give them grades as guideposts, not a defining factor of their worth. I let them explore and be independent. …


Mernine Ameris

Mernine Ameris is a poet, writer, activist, advocate, and chicken nugget lover about to graduate from George Mason University.

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